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Cartographic search: a leading tool to answer all the traveller’s needs

Mercredi 15 décembre 2010 by Julia

All the players related to the tourism sector offers maps based on Google, Bing, Mappy, ViaMichelin… However, most often these maps are only used to localise a place (an hotel, a monument, an agency…). Therefore this is quite restrictive regarding to the traveller’s needs and the possibilities offered by the touristic sector. Indeed, travellers need information, inspiration, and some help to plan their travels… A cartographic tool as a map can answer all these needs and at the same time help a company to differentiate it-self from the others. A map as an entry point in the search... 

The last improvements in Google’s search results that impact the travel industry

Mercredi 17 novembre 2010 by Julia

These past few months Google has released several new functionalities that will improve the search process from a user point of view but that can strongly impact the travel industry. In fact, these new functionalities are supposed to help the user to find exactly what he is looking for, but they are also impacting his decision process. They bring more information in the search results and use more suggesting technologies. So the decision that is usually done when the user visits the first page of a site, now takes place at an earlier time (directly in Google). Instant previews Instant previews... 

Evolution of the vacation package: from a standardized product to a personalized travel

Mardi 25 mai 2010 by Julia

The vacation package, flagship of the travel industry, ensured low risk sales to producers (airlines, hotels, cars rentals…), added value to tour-operators and guaranteed attractive prices to final customers. But since the last decade, the vacation package is encountering a significant mutation. Indeed, the Internet has changed  access to information and offers. So, studying the evolution of the packaged vacations helps us to perceive all the current issues of the travel industry: stocks accesses in real time, customer-centricity, new productions processes, semantic web for tourism… This...