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Load time, what marketing can do when IT fails

Dimanche 15 mai 2011 by Julia

Internet users are getting use to real time information and personalized content. When they search on the web, they want relevant results and they want them immediately. The high speed connection have made them impatient and they now hardly wait more than 4 second to get a page (according to the study from Akamai/Forrester Consulting, July 2009). Behind the screen, users don’t realize that when they search one product it’s several databases that are going to be requested. And this is a real stake in the travel industry because information need to be refreshed frequently due to Yield strategies... 

Cartographic search: a leading tool to answer all the traveller’s needs

Mercredi 15 décembre 2010 by Julia

All the players related to the tourism sector offers maps based on Google, Bing, Mappy, ViaMichelin… However, most often these maps are only used to localise a place (an hotel, a monument, an agency…). Therefore this is quite restrictive regarding to the traveller’s needs and the possibilities offered by the touristic sector. Indeed, travellers need information, inspiration, and some help to plan their travels… A cartographic tool as a map can answer all these needs and at the same time help a company to differentiate it-self from the others. A map as an entry point in the search...