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Shifting of Distribution Costs: from GDS fees to CPC

Mardi 1 mars 2011 by Julia

Internet is actually perceived as an economic and liberator distribution channel regarding to GDS. However, the cyclic effects of the travel industry are returning to the fore and the web is contributing to the installation of new monopoles. We are passing from a situation where GDS were the unique access point to offers to a situation where the web is becoming this new unique access point. Here is a short historical recap that would help you to better perceive the cyclic aspect and the stake of the current situation. The GDS era From the 80s until the beginning of the 2000s, the GDS have been... 

Screen-scraping , a transition technology in an industry undergoing transformation.

Samedi 6 février 2010 by Julia

What is screen-scraping ?  Where does this strange name come from? Why is it so much used ? And why can we consider it as being just a transition technology ? We don’t need any more to demonstrate that internet has changed the travel industry:  the players have grown in number, products have become more accessible, customers’ habits have changed… From the client point of view, it’s amazing. But for the internet actors, this means an industry getting more and more complicated because of the number of connections between one another. This is how screen-scraping has became so popular. What...