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Tutorial : Watch your Competitors’ Facebook Pages with Google Docs

Lundi 4 juillet 2011 by Julia

Following the lessons of an SEO post explaining how to parse a batch of information with Google Docs, I got a sudden inspiration… why not do this with the information from the Facebook API? Yes, my geek side has gained the upper hand again. Anyway, the result is here and you can use it as you wish. This tool has been built on Google Docs and it allows you to watch the development of the number of fans of your competitors’ Facebook pages . Even better, this tool comes with a tutorial to re-build it and adapt it to your needs. See the Spreadsheet Before we start Marketers and community... 

SEO and Web 2.0, strategies that must be considered together

Samedi 1 mai 2010 by Julia

It is now undeniable that web 2.0 is not a simple trend. In the USA, Facebook overtook Google in March (see graphic), and in Europe the tendency is the same (93% growth of the number of Facebook accounts in France, March 2010; and 50% of users that connect every days). Then, Web 2.0 is not a new isolated tool to be added to the marketer’s weapons. It is a real evolution of the Internet that brings new behaviors, and that contribute to build a bridge between off and on-line world. Moreover, Web 2.0 is often described as an obscure part of the web for search engines. Indeed, this content is hardly...