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Hotels connectivity, a stake for the whole travel industry

Dimanche 6 février 2011 by Julia

In the Thirties, Conrad Hilton used to say that hotel’s performances relays first in the “hotel location”, secondly in the “hotel location” and third in the “hotel location”. This adage is still true, except that the location is not anymore physical. Indeed it plays out on the web; online visibility ensures the hotel occupancy, thereby the hotel owner only has to focus on the profitability. I agree this version is a bit simplified. However, it is true that before starting a yield or a CRM strategy, the e-distribution must be optimized, which means that  hotel rooms must be available... 

Evolution of the vacation package: from a standardized product to a personalized travel

Mardi 25 mai 2010 by Julia

The vacation package, flagship of the travel industry, ensured low risk sales to producers (airlines, hotels, cars rentals…), added value to tour-operators and guaranteed attractive prices to final customers. But since the last decade, the vacation package is encountering a significant mutation. Indeed, the Internet has changed  access to information and offers. So, studying the evolution of the packaged vacations helps us to perceive all the current issues of the travel industry: stocks accesses in real time, customer-centricity, new productions processes, semantic web for tourism… This... 

Screen-scraping , a transition technology in an industry undergoing transformation.

Samedi 6 février 2010 by Julia

What is screen-scraping ?  Where does this strange name come from? Why is it so much used ? And why can we consider it as being just a transition technology ? We don’t need any more to demonstrate that internet has changed the travel industry:  the players have grown in number, products have become more accessible, customers’ habits have changed… From the client point of view, it’s amazing. But for the internet actors, this means an industry getting more and more complicated because of the number of connections between one another. This is how screen-scraping has became so popular. What...