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From multi-channel marketing to cross channel marketing: true examples in the travel industry

Dimanche 10 janvier 2010 by Julia

Statistics say that 80% of the French customers (the figure is certainly the same in other European countries) want to have the possibility to shop as well on-line as in brick-and-mortar shops, and want to have the possibility to use and cross the distribution channels as they want. Moreover, the on-line research about a product contributes to 74% of the off-line purchase (Sterling Commerce, 2008). Using this study, it is interesting to wonder about the way it happens in the industry of the leisure travel. First of all, we shall remind you that multi-channel distribution is only a first step during... 

Marketing channels are increasingly co-managed by companies and customers

Vendredi 8 janvier 2010 by Julia

When they are planning holidays, customers are influenced by many factors before arriving to the final points of sales. We can group this factors under the name of marketing channels, and separate them into two categories: factors that drive free traffic and factors that drive paid traffic. But albeit one is called free and the other is called paid, it is wrong to think that the first one is without costs. Indeed, it is the result of a long term strategy (so you paid for the steady efforts of your team), thus it brings regular visitors to your points of sales. That why I prefer to use the expression...