The news players improving the experience during the travel

We often talk about the travelers’ needs, especially in this time of high competition where answering its needs is a competitive advantage. Therefore, most studies deals with needs before, during and after the travel. Before travelling Thanks to [...]

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Screen-scraping , a transition technology in an industry undergoing transformation.

What is screen-scraping ?  Where does this strange name come from? Why is it so much used ? And why can we consider it as being just a transition technology ? We don’t need any more to demonstrate that [...]

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Towards a multi channel distribution and a customer-centric model

Ten years ago, distribution channels were simple to identify and to manage: products were only sold in offline travel agencies. But nowadays, this market has evolved and customers have multiple ways, online and offline, to access to a [...]

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From multi-channel marketing to cross channel marketing: true examples in the travel industry

Statistics say that 80% of the French customers (the figure is certainly the same in other European countries) want to have the possibility to shop as well on-line as in brick-and-mortar shops, and want to have the possibility [...]

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Marketing channels are increasingly co-managed by companies and customers

When they are planning holidays, customers are influenced by many factors before arriving to the final points of sales. We can group this factors under the name of marketing channels, and separate them into two categories: factors that [...]

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