Tutorial : Watch your Competitors’ Facebook Pages with Google Docs

Following the lessons of an SEO post explaining how to parse a batch of information with Google Docs, I got a sudden inspiration… why not do this with the information from the Facebook API? Yes, my geek side [...]

4 juil | By Julia 1

Load time, what marketing can do when IT fails

Internet users are getting use to real time information and personalized content. When they search on the web, they want relevant results and they want them immediately. The high speed connection have made them impatient and they now [...]

15 mai | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Shifting of Distribution Costs: from GDS fees to CPC

Internet is actually perceived as an economic and liberator distribution channel regarding to GDS. However, the cyclic effects of the travel industry are returning to the fore and the web is contributing to the installation of new monopoles. [...]

1 mar | By Julia Commentaires fermés

E-tourism : the evolution of the booking process automation

Tourism is one of the most dynamic sector within the web industry. Online dimension has indeed exercised a major influence for each tourism protagonist, all the more because the number of web sites is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, measures [...]

10 fév | By Aurélie Commentaires fermés

Hotels connectivity, a stake for the whole travel industry

In the Thirties, Conrad Hilton used to say that hotel’s performances relays first in the “hotel location”, secondly in the “hotel location” and third in the “hotel location”. This adage is still true, except that the location is [...]

6 fév | By Julia 7

Cartographic search: a leading tool to answer all the traveller’s needs

All the players related to the tourism sector offers maps based on Google, Bing, Mappy, ViaMichelin… However, most often these maps are only used to localise a place (an hotel, a monument, an agency…). Therefore this is quite [...]

15 déc | By Julia Commentaires fermés

The last improvements in Google’s search results that impact the travel industry

These past few months Google has released several new functionalities that will improve the search process from a user point of view but that can strongly impact the travel industry. In fact, these new functionalities are supposed to [...]

17 nov | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Car hire companies revamp their websites

Hertz and Sixt in 2008, Avis in June 2010 and Europcar in September 2010, the Big Four, as they are called in the car rental industry, have quite nice websites and advanced booking paths comparing to other players [...]

16 oct | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Taking into account the non linear behavior of the customer in travel bookings

Whatever their roles in the travel industry, suppliers and distributors have the same goal: raise their revenues. And to achieve this goal, the two main leverages consist in increasing the number of bookings and increase the value of [...]

27 sept | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Opaque products, a niche on the rise in the travel industry

At the age of rich media, web 2.0 and (price) transparency, a business model again the grain is extending in the travel industry: the sale of opaque products. This model consists in offering products (flight, hotel, rentals…) without [...]

20 juil | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Zoom on the boom of ancillary revenues and their impacts on distribution

This year 2010, ancillary revenues are everywhere in the news, especially in the airline sector. In fact, at the worldwide level, airlines ancillary revenues passed from 1,72 billion in 2006 to 7,8 billion euros in 2008  (source : IdeaWorks Guide). Introduced [...]

17 juin | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Evolution of the vacation package: from a standardized product to a personalized travel

The vacation package, flagship of the travel industry, ensured low risk sales to producers (airlines, hotels, cars rentals…), added value to tour-operators and guaranteed attractive prices to final customers. But since the last decade, the vacation package is [...]

25 mai | By Julia Commentaires fermés

SEO and Web 2.0, strategies that must be considered together

It is now undeniable that web 2.0 is not a simple trend. In the USA, Facebook overtook Google in March (see graphic), and in Europe the tendency is the same (93% growth of the number of Facebook accounts [...]

1 mai | By Julia Commentaires fermés

Foursquare: a valuable concept for all the travel industry players

Launched in 2009, Foursquare is a location-based, social networking application. It differentiates from other apps of that kind (Yelp, Loopt, Dismoiou…) by its badges system which brings a playful side. This entertaining aspect is having an impact on [...]

5 avr | By Julia Commentaires fermés